Do you love the idea of having a veggie garden but find getting one started or maintaining one just too overwhelming? I will put my hand up! I get immense joy from being out and about in the garden but green thumbs I do not have. The perfect solution for me was to join the Yamba Community Garden. For a minimal annual membership fee I can pop down to the garden and harvest what’s available from the shared garden beds.

There is a fantastic array of herbs including flat-leaf parsley, basil, sage, garlic chives and spring onions, along with Asian herbs such as lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. As we come into Autumn the citrus are coming on, and I noticed an abundance of eggplants the other day. There are also zucchini plants, and Asian leafy greens such as pak choy are plentiful at the moment. I’ve been stopping by regularly to harvest the young rocket leaves which are so fresh and peppery.

There is a band of willing volunteers who water and maintain the garden, create compost and mulch heaps, and host regular information sessions.

The garden boasts its own wood-fired oven and basic open-air kitchen which is used mostly on working-bee and sign-up days to cook such things as pizza or vegetable bakes. When I visited the garden the other day there was a group of volunteers tending the garden, the kettle was put on and a home-made cake sat proudly on the table. The bell was rung and everyone downed tools and retreated to the shade for a cuppa and slice of cake. This garden provides so much more than fresh produce, it provides a place for people in the community to come together, interact and provide support for one another.

I know I reap the benefits of being a member and I hope this inspires you to pop down to the community garden and witness for yourself this oasis in the middle of Yamba. The garden is located at 42 Wattle Drive, Yamba – not far from Yamba Fair Shopping Centre.

Happy gardening and cooking!








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